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Pray Please for Pastor Gabriel

On behalf of the AC Outreach Team in Khagaria, Bihar, Brother Denny Moses asks us to pray as follows:

“In the place of Bakhri our Pastor Gabriel has been suffering from severe type of fever and TB from past 40 days such that he even he is not able to walk. He is very weak in body.  Because of this reason the ministry work also goes slow. We request you to pray for our brother Gabriel that God may heal him completely so that he may continue the task which God has given to him.”


April 2012 Report

Pastor Denny Moses reports on behalf of Rev Paul Sunder Raj’s team in Bihar….

“Greetings to you in the unchanging name of Jesus Christ.

God was so good to us in the past month of March – even we didn’t have enough time to finish the task but with strength and help of our almighty God enabled us to finish, so the name of the Lord be glorified. In the month of March we had film ministry in the place of Baliya. God helped us to show His life story in four different places and also many people shed tear while watching the movie. Altogether 500 people had seen the movie of Jesus.

On 29, 30 & 31 we had our annual convention in Khagaria when around 350 people gathered from our branch churches. Believers are very happy to listen to the word of God in that meeting. The main speaker was Rev.George Muller from Bihar along with him from our Conference Rev. Magimaidoss (Area pastor of Chembakkam church) with his team came and encouraged all through the Word of God, dance and skits. The people were rejoicing in spirit and praising Jesus for His mighty works. On the third day of the meeting 14 people had been baptised – they were happy to start the new life with Jesus and also they became our membership (as the Right hand Fellowship was also given) Continue reading