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India | Bihar July 2012 | Ramesh

In May we reported as follows…

“In the place of Gogri  Bro. Susil Joshua doing Ministry from past 4 year. In his church member name called Ramesh is a believer from 3 year and he has a disability too. Now Brother Ramesh has ready to go for ministry so we are planning to send him to a Bible College (GEMS) for one year course. Please pray for him that God may use him in his ministry life.

Pictured below is Bro. Susil Joshua with his church believer Ramesh (who has a disability and desires to attend Bible College)”


Bro Denny Moses in Bihar has recently advised as follows…

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus.  Thanks for all your support and concern towards Bihar Ministry.

As we informed about the person Mr. Ramesh (handicap) regarding sending him to Bible College.

Now he had problem in his legs so that {he is} unable to study.

The Doctor operated on one of his legs and the other leg will be operated on next year so please pray for him to do ministry with church pastors. Pray that God may heal him completely.”

Please pray regularly for Brother Ramesh, asking that the surgeries may be completely successful and that he may ultimately be able to do as he believes the Lord is calling him to do – to attend the GEMS Bible College to study to ready himself for ministry in Bihar.

(Ernie Schache)