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New Church in Baliya

Greetings to you in the unchanging name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who was risen from the dead. We thank our Almighty who enabled us and strengthened us to do ministry in His vineyard. In the year of 2008 newly we started ministry in the place of Baliya through Pas. Santhosh. The church has grown day by day – with the grace of God many people came from different villages nearby Baliya. But nearly 5km from Bailya, there is a village called Sanna. In that village many people started to know Jesus but it was quite difficult to come to the church every Sunday because of lack of transport and they were unable to spend the money too. But the grace of God and our prayer supported us to open a small church in that place of Sanna Village. For that place Bidhu Devi and Shankar Das Family has given their own place for time being to conduct the church. We have built a small shed for time being so that there will be no disturbance for the believer’s to come. Head Missionary M. Paul Sundar Raj dedicated this church on 2 – 12 – 12. So please, we request you to join us to pray to buy new land in that place so that in future we will not have any more hindrance for the ministry.

New church in Baliya sanna village.

Missionary M. Paul Sundar Raj, Pas. Santhosh and Br. Puni Dav singing, reading the Bible and Praying before the dedication.

M. Paul Sundar Raj dedicating the church with Pas. Santhosh


Bihar, India | Armed Forces Flag Day (Dec 7th 2012)

God enabled us to help to the leprosy sufferers in Khagaria, Bihar, through our dearest students of St. Xavier’s High School. They contributed their one month pocket money and it was given to the teachers on the particular day of Indian Armed Forces Flag Day (December 7). We could give new blanket to the 40 people with that amount, and also we distributed bread packets, soap, biscuits and some of clothes to the children. Almost 100 people who are affected with the disease of LEPROSY got these things those and their family too. On that occasion we shared the Love of JESUS….. So please pray for these people….

Our school students distributing the blanket, bread, biscuits and soap to the Leprosy sufferers with our Head Missionary M. Paul Sundar Raj.

Class VI&VII students are in Social work (with Leprosy sufferers).

These people are separated from the society but we showed the Love of Jesus by providing the basic things.

Missionary. Sadhu Sundar Singh, Santh Kumar, Gideo Yesu Nesan with leprosy sufferers.

Missionary M. Paul Sundar Raj, Denny Moses and Mrs. Paul Sudar Mathi.

M.Paul Sundar Raj  and students with Leprosy  sufferers’ kids.

Head Missionary family, teachers and students on the day of ARMED FORCES FLAG DAY.


Greetings to you in the loving name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We thank God that He has chosen us to extend His kingdom in Bihar. We all are doing well in our ministry.

God was so good to us in the past month of November. God has enabled us to start a first tailoring teaching centre in Bihar, Khagaria at  Bala Bazar Advent Church, on 29-11-12 and dedicated by Head missionary Paul Sundar Raj. For this work God arranged Mr. Edward (Teacher at Advent Christian School Chennai – Guindy) from Selaiyur Advent Christian church by his offering Rs. 13,000/- with this we bought TWO Tailoring machine and with it Pas. Santhosh Mother Mrs. Rupa Devi  will be teaching to the (women) church believers and to the village women. Through this work she will be sharing the Word of God to the Village women and they will be trained to survive in their life.

Do pray for this social work it will be useful for the uneducated women and through this many people will know the love of God. We are planning to start in other branch churches – please pray for that so that many people get benefit to sustain their life and our God’s name will be glorified.

first tailoring centre 1first tailoring centre 2

Head Missionary. Paul Sundar Raj praying and dedicating the tailoring machines in Bala Bazar Church.

first tailoring centre 4first tailoring centre 3

All the Believers and Pastors reading the Bible and Pas. Santhosh mother Mrs. Rupa Devi  and Missionary Samuel Templer sitting in front of the tailoring machines.