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BIHAR – December Report

Greetings to you in name of Jesus Christ. God was so good to us in the past year of 2012. We saw the presence of Living God in our place and ministry in many ways. And we thank you for kindness to our ministry in prayer’s and support.

In month of December AAM Manger Mr. Immanuel has given funds to celebrate the Christmas in Bihar. With that money we could buy clothes, cake for the school and use it for ministry. It was blessed for all of us.

On 21st December in our school we celebrated advance Christmas with the school kids – that all the teachers got a special gift from our Head missionary and his wife. The student also got the greeting cards and cake from our Missionaries.
School choir and students for the Advance Christmas celebration day.

For the first time school students we performed the skit about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Mrs. Paul Sudar Mathi and Chief Guest giving the gift to the Teachers

Children receiving the greeting cards and cake. (Greeting cards also given by AAM)

After the celebration of Christmas in school, teachers had love feast with our Head Missionary.

On 25th December in Khagaria church, people celebrating the Christmas program.

Helping the poor people and widows in Khagaria

Cake for school children 5,400
Teacher’s Gift 13,500
Widows Help 2,000
Shree Lal family 1,100
Lal Mohan family 1,100
Thomas Family 1,500
Missionary’s (500X12) 6,000
Total 30,600 rupees

We thank AAM for the help in our ministry. Please continually uphold us in your personal prayers. May this year be a blessed one to all of us. MAY GOD BLESS ALL.