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Prayer for Pastor Denny Moses

Pastor Denny MosesMost of the reports from Bihar in the last two years or so have been written by Brother Pastor Denny Moses. That is because one of his responsibilities in Khagaria, Bihar is that of “Bihar Field Reporter”.

He is also the Assistant Pastor at the main Khagaria Advent Christian Church where Pastor Paul Sunder Raj is the senior pastor, and he teaches on a part-time basis at St Xavier’s School.

Originally from Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, Pastor Denny Moses has been serving in Bihar since 21 June 2007. He studied in Mumbai (Bombay) from 2004 to April 2007 and graduated with a Bachelor of Theology degree (B Th) and immediately on completing his studies began ministry with the Advent Christian Conference of India’s outreach in Khagaria.

Brother Denny Moses feels that he would like to soon find his “life partner” and as is often the custom in India his parents back in Chennai are carefully and prayerfully looking for the right young lady for him. He tells me that his parents have approached several suitable young ladies but they have been unwilling to move to live and serve the Lord with him in Bihar, North India.

Will you please pray with and for our brother and his parents, that the Lord may lead them to the young Christian lady of His choice who is committed to service for Him and willing to spend her life in Christian service in Bihar?

(Ernie Schache)


Youth festival

image021Pastor Denny Moses reports…

“Greetings to you in the loving name of Jesus Christ.

We thank our almighty God who called us to do His work. On 9th of Feb. 2013 God enabled us to conduct the first Youth meeting in Khagaria, which has been carried out by the Advent Christian Conference of India’s Bihar outreach

It was so blessed by the grace of God. We expected 150 people but around 200 people came into the presence of God. We saw marvellous things on that day. Servant of God Brother Michael delivered God’s word to the youth meetings. We conducted special meetings in various places in Khagaria Continue reading


brother YovanPastor Denny Moses reports…
“Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

In this photo, from this year God added one more brother in our Ministry. His name is Bro. Yovan (John). Please pray for him as God brought him to north India – Bihar. Let God use him according to His will. He has special talent in skit ministry – now days we are sharing the Gospel through skits in various places in Khagaria. Pray for this ministry – let God bring more souls into His kingdom.

On 9th this month we are having first YOUTH RALLY in our Bihar ministry. Missionary Michael is going to deliver God’s Message. Please pray for this meeting – let God may use him among the young people, in that we too have the different program like skits, sports, Bible quiz (Full Book of Romans). Let all these activities go smoothly and pray for all the arrangements that have to be done.”