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Newsletter May 2013

Pastor Denny Moses reports on behalf of the outreach team at Khagaria…

Greetings to you in the Name of Our Lord and Savior,

Let all the glory and honor be to the Lord. God helped us finish the VBS (Vacation Bible School) in six places of our ACC churches of Bihar. Around 1,500 children participated. For this our dear Bro. Samson from Brethren Mission.was director.  Pray for these kids in coming days, that they remain in God’s vineyards.

At the  same time the Area Pastor (former chairman of Advent Christian Conference of India, Rev Benjamin Jayapaul) from Thiruvanmiyur Advent Christian Church in Chennai and committee members came on 17/5/13 to start the new church construction work in Mukesh Kutt.  They have promised us that from their church offering they will build the church in that place so please uphold this in your prayer

Parents are sending the children to VBS and kids are enjoying by singing, making colors.

As Bro. Samson sings songs kids are dancing

Rev. D. Benjamin Jayapaul, Area Pastor of Thiruvamiyur placing the first stone for construction work – along with him their committee members and Head Missionary Paul Sundar Raj and Pas. Dilkush


May 2013- Pastor Denny Moses in Bihar reports…

Greetings to you in the loving name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We thank God for his marvelous work in our mission field in Bihar. We hope in Jesus that in coming days we’ll see the work of Jesus in these places.

For the glory of God Evangelist Abraham & his team from our Advent Christian Conference of India’s Agaram church in Chennai came to Bihar to equip our church believers’ and encourage our work by doing the village ministry from 1/5/13 to 6/5/13. In those days God was so faithful in all the ways.

We urge you in Christ to pray for those people who heard the Gospel by movie of Jesus (in the film ministry around 5000 people were reached), tracts, personal evangelism, preaching and testimony.

As you all know about our school situation – please uphold us in your valuable prayer for the new land needed for school. It has been growing day by day but we are helpless to serve better because of lack of land. Now the number of school students has risen to 1050 but it’s backward in the form of accommodation due to the land. I again urge you to pray for our school land always. Please remember in your mind to never forget to pray for school in your church fellowship and family prayer. Wherever we may be we are one in Christ.

On 7/5/13 to 22/5/13 onwards Vacation Bible School (VBS) will be held at various churches of the Bihar ACC Mission.  Please pray for these as we share the love of Jesus among the children. Let the children may know that Jesus is the true God. We except around 2500 children should participate – let Lord do His will.

On 17/5/13 to 19/5/13 former ACC Conference President Rev. D. Benjamin Jayapaul from our Advent Christian church at Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai is going to visit our Bihar ACC-Mission. Please pray for this visit too. As they come it should be pleasant for all the people and them too.

Head Missionary M. Paul Sundar Raj and Eva. Abraham his Team doing village Ministry in Bihar…