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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Please up hold our dear Bro. BAGU BAI in your valuable prayer, because his own house relatives have made witchcraft against him – severely. Now his mind is blank, he doesn’t know what he is doing – things like beating his wife and children, running out of home at midnight screaming. These kinds of activities are going on in him.

I urge all the people those who read this message to pray for our Brother BAGU BAI.  May our Almighty God deliver him from Satan’s bondages.

Thank You

Pastor Denny Moses



June report from Bihar

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We all are doing well and hope you all are too.

We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness towards our Bihar ministry.

In 2008 our mission purchased new land in Bakri village. Here Br. Gabriel is pastoring.  We built the small tent and started worship service in 2010. Because of heavy wind it was blown away. Since then we were meeting in the same tent.

Now by the grace of God we are able to start new construction work at this place. Advent Christian church at Sembakkam believer and former Advent Christian Conference of India secretary Mr. Sathya Muller  (for memory of late Mr.Gunasekaran) has given an offering of 600,000 rupees but the total cost of the church work is 900,000 rupees. Please do pray for the remaining amount of Rs 300,000. Pray that God will provide.

image001Mr. M.D Jones also given Rs. 300,000/- for school land and please do pray for the school because now the total number of students is 1,070 and its very difficult to keep the children in our very small place. Moreover through God’s grace we have got a recognized license to run school till 8th standard class but we have 10th standard class too. We need at least 2 hectares of land – please upload this in your valuable prayer time.

This year by grace of God we have sent five members to Bible College at GEMS-MISSION. Among the five are two sisters (six month course for sisters) and three brothers (one year course) from our Advent Christian Church mission. Please do pray for them so that they will be equipped well for service in the kingdom of God.

(Pastor Denny Moses)