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October Events

Pastor Denny Moses reports concerning October events…

“To God be the Glory,

In a place called Gogri (Pastor Susil Joshua pastoring) God helped us to conduct a one-day women’s meeting to equip the village women in God’s Kingdom. Our head missionary Paul Sundar Raj and his wife Sudar Mathi (pictured top right) shared God’s Word to that meeting.

By the grace of God we started the new church construction work in Mukesh Kutt. (pictured bottom right) . For this our AC church  at Agaramthen {Chennai} has sponsored the land in 2011 and this year Thiruvanmyur church {Chennai} promised us to fund the construction for 40 X 25 square feet

Thank God.”



Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. We thank our Almighty God who enabled us to organize the Prayer Camp on October 11, 12 and 13. We do thank all of you for the prayer and all support in this year. The Guest speakers we assigned were our Advent Christian Conference of India Vice-Bishop Rev. Francis Thangadurai  and Pr. Haggai Shankar. By the grace God there was no any hindrance during those days.

The registration work and the Khagaria Church choir and the people on the first Day

Rev. Francis Thagadurai and Pr. Haggai Shankar sharing God’s Word with Missionary  Samuel Templar translating from Tamil to Hindi.

During the afternoon session we had special meetings for women, gents, and pastors.  It was such a blessing for all the people who attended.

Bro. Ramesh sharing his Testimony – before 2012 he used to walk with the help of his legs and hands but when he went to Bible College there he had an operation. After that he is walking with the help of two crutches. The AAM has helped during his operation in 2012.


First day afternoon session Rev. Rev. Francis Thangadurai sharing the word of God with the women and second day to the Pastors and  Missionary.

Pr. Haggai Shankar talking to the pastors and Missionary on the first day, and second day sharing God’s Word to the youth. It was great blessing for all – the people especially the young people were touched by God.

On the third day of meeting by the grace of God we could give baptism to 39 people who are ACC-Bihar believers from branch churches.   The believers are praying before going to take baptism

Our Vice-Bishop Rev. Francis Thangadurai and Head Missionary Paul Sundar Raj giving Baptism to the people. Our Vice-Bishop Rev. Francis Thangadurai  and Head Missionary Paul Sundar Raj giving Right Hand of Fellowship and the Lord’s Supper.

The people and children are enjoying the worship and praising God.

This year we started Bible Quiz for our ACC Churches believers. We had a quiz contest on the whole of the Gospel of John. 76 people joined in that and from them we selected the best 10 people and encouraged them with gifts.

Missionary Rani and Gideon are collecting gifts from Pr. Haggai Shankar.

On the last day people having lunch.

We thank God that by His grace from the beginning to end we could feel the presence of God and not only ACC church people attended but other mission people also came and enjoyed the presence of God. Once again we thank you all for the prayer support and concern for our ministry. Please continually uphold us in your personal prayers.

May God Bless All.

Pastor Denny Moses.

Annual Report from Pastor Paul Sundar Raj on behalf of his team.

Pastor Paul Sundar RajTo God alone be Glory.


Bihar Mission Report from October 2012 to September 2013.

“Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” (Isaiah 6: 8 )

  We greet you with thanks in the name of Jesus, the Saviour of the world.  I thank all of you for your generous help knowing that your efforts won’t go without reward.  “Without some preaching……..unless they are sent” (Romans 10: 14 & 15) let us all together build the kingdom of God.

It is impossible to build the kingdom of God with few, here the needs are more, people who are in darkness are moving towards hell. Who is going to stop them standing in the gates of hell?  Why couldn’t it be you?

Some want to live within the range of Church Bell.   But we being out of range of church bell, making to hear the church bell.  Why don’t you give us a helping hand?  May God bless you and give you the grace which He had given to the Churches of Macedonia.

For Praising God.

  1. God helped us to dedicate 15 children and baptise 62 people.
  2. Rajesh, Santhosh, Rekha, Suman, Phinky are studying in GEMSBibleSchool.
  3. God helped us to conduct VBS in our Khagaria Head Church and Branch Churches where 1600 children participated and came to hear about Jesus.
  4. This year in as much as 45 places through film ministry about 15,000 people came to hear about Jesus.
  5. God helped us to start 15 new prayer cells in different places.
  6. We distributed about 130,000 hand bills and 25,000 New Testaments.
  7. God has helped us to conduct yearly Convention, Prayer Camps, Youth meetings, Women prayer meetings etc, in a blessed way.
  8. God used 75 men and women to answer 150 questions from the Gospel of John Bible Quiz.
  9. One Sister, Sironmani, while giving birth to a child was predicted by doctors will die due to some maternal problem, is now alive with her child as a living witness.
  10. One Bro. Jawahar, had spend Rs.5 lakhs [500,000 rupees] for his wife’s medical treatment only to see that there was no use in spending for her as her condition was growing even worse day by day, but after prayers and by God’s wonderful grace she is now delivered. The problem she suffered was she had gastric problem for which she met a Doctor, and later found that she was also having problem in uterus.  She was advised by doctors to have it removed, and she got removed of her uterus as advised by doctors.  But after the operation, she developed aches and pains all over her body that gave her severe pain.  Her husband Bro. Jawahar, spend about Rs.5 Lakhs for her treatment little by little, but she was not cured. By this time Bro. Jawahar accepted Christ and prayed for her with the Church members, God heard all their prayers and healed his wife.
  11.  A man borrowed Rs.150,000 from Sister Saritha’s husband, but refused to pay back the money and even assaulted her husband. The depressed husband died after a few days. This Saritha accepted Christ and by God’s mercy the man who borrowed the money returned the whole amount Rs.150,000/- within one day to this sister.  Glory to God.
  12. One Bro. Subhash had a stone in his urinal path. The church members prayed together for him and the stone came out. Glory to God.
  13. Bro. Jewahsr’s two children got lost and by God’s grace and prayers they came back.
  14. There was great flood in river Sanna which caused danger to the lives of people.  Many left their villages.  We 10 servants of God stepped down in the water and prayed, since then the water began to subside.  The village people started believing Jesus.
  15. One Rajkumari and Sandhan got up from bed were surprised to see a snake had been lying there with them in the bed.  By God’s grace the snake hadn’t bite any one of them.

For Prayers.

  1. The village people chased away one Panjalal because of accepting Jesus, and restrained us from showing film show [Jesus film].  Pray that there will be open doors for the ministry.
  2. The parents of Sister Mamtha and Sister Geetha are beating them both because of accepting Jesus. They need your prayers please.
  3. Bro. Udhay Pandith is spreading improper report about the land that is purchased for building a Church.  Please pray for his repentance.
  4. Bro. Uphendar’s wife and children are having brawl with him for accepting Christ.  Pray that the situation will change.
  5. Ranjith Doss and Lal Mohan hinder those who come to church and even plot to assault the Pastor.  Please pray for their repentance.

In the service of Christ,

Your brother & team,

M. Paul Sundar Raj.