Monthly Archives: February 2014

New Tailoring Centers

Pastor Denny Moses reports on behalf of Pastor Paul Sundar Raj and his outreach team in Khagaria.

“Greetings to you in the Loving name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God mightily has helped past the last month. By His grace and your valuable prayer supports we are doing great things. On 7th February God helped us to start two new tailoring centers in Baliya and Beldor.

In Baliya Pastor Santhosth Kumar’s wife will be the trainer and in Beldor  Pastor  Niranjan Kumar’s wife Asha will be trainer for the church women. The trainees will be also be learning God’s word.  Including these two new centers we now have six tailoring centers in ACC’s Khagaria Mission. Please continually pray for this ministry.

In Beldor  Missionary Paul Sundar Raj,, Pastor Niranjan and his wife Asha at dedication time.