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INDIA – BIHAR – Report from Khagaria for February 2014

Pastor Denny Moses reports on behalf of Pastor Paul Sunder Raj and his team as follows…

“Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. In the year of 2014 during January and February God was so good to us and He fulfills His promise according to His purpose.

In the month of February two Gospel teams from Chennai visited our Mission field. One of the teams was from our Advent Christian church at Old Pallavaram and one was from the Blessed Hope Fellowship. Both teams encouraged, motivated and inspired us with their prayer and ministry. The Old Pallavaram church board members – 13 people – visited the St. Xavier’s High School and prayed for the kids and gifted pens, pencils and erasers to the students.

The Old Pallavaram team giving gifts for kids. It’s given to School Principal and head missionary Paul Sundar Raj.
11 members from the Blessed Hope Fellowship visited our school and shared the Gospel in various places in Khagaria. They prayed for us, encouraged with Bible scriptures, motivated in many ways. It was such blessing for all of us – on Sunday 23rd Feb they shared God’s word in six churches. Some of the believers are inspired by their testimony. It was so blessed for all.
We all urge you, in Christ, to uphold us in your personal, family and church prayers please. May God bless all.

Blessed Hope Fellowship pastors doing Gospel work in different villages in Khagaria. They visited some villages by boat 

BHF pastors sharing Gospel in villages and on roads

In Bala Bazar the 3rd session of tailoring students.(Left) Next two pictures are the land which we plan to buy. When visiting that land our BHF team members prayed with faith that we can buy that land; please uphold this in your personal prayer and churches.

In the days with these two teams we distributed tracts and New Testaments to many people and shared the Gospel among thousands of people in many villages. They prayed for sick people. God did marvelous things in many people’s lives and some accepted Christ as their personal Savior.

We urge you to pray for the people who were blessed by God, asking they should stand for Christ in coming days
Prayer Points:

  1. In this month – March 6 ,7 and 8 – our Annual Convention will be held
  2. Pray for all the arrangements and needed things
  3. In that fellowship six pastors from different places are going to share the Word of God. Please pray that it will be a blessing for all
  4. From 3rd March onwards 14  10th Standard students from the school are sitting the Bihar Board exams
  5. Our school students will be taking annual exams from 11th March onwards.”