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INDIA – BIHAR – End of school year report.

New India FLAGTAGPastor Denny Moses reports on behalf of the Mission Team at Bihar and St Xavier’s School…

“We thank God for the last session of the 2013-14 year in the school academy. Really it was great to work and develop the uneducated area in Bihar. By the grace of God and your support we were enabled to develop the people’s status through education.

Last month our school students wrote their final exam. In that exam students wrote well and passed. The results are yet to come for the 10th class students in the Bihar Board Exam which is conducted by the Bihar Government. We request you to pray for that. In the past our school has earned full result (100%). The results of that exam will be coming next month end (month of May).

And the new school session has started on 7th April. Please pray that this session will be a blessing for all of us.

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INDIA – God at work in BIHAR

INDIA – God at work in BIHAR

Pastor Denny Moses recently reported as follows…

“The person in the above photographs is Bro. Raman, residing at Rampur village and Hindu in religious back- ground. He has three daughters. He works as a compounder in an interior village, where he started to build pukka (i.e. good quality) house. The reason is that in Bihar, Hindu culture, if there is no a boy child in a family there is no blessing in the family, whether he is rich or poor!

Therefore the people were joking that “For whose son you are making your house”. One day he was worrying a lot and he came to know about Jesus Christ through Pr. Gabriel (branch church pastor – Bakri field). He and his wife believed that Jesus only can offer them a boy child. They prayed and wept earnestly and the Lord heard their humble prayer. They got a boy child and named him Daniel.

He (Raman) offered 3 katthas of land to build a church in the village (the worth of his own land is Rs. 850,000/- for 3 katthas) One kattha of land measures 1900 sq,ft. He had only 6 katthas land, now he offered his half of his land with no cost to build church.
Kindly pray for his family to be blessed more in the village”

The person we see in the above photograph is Bro. Vidthiyarthi. He is an astrologer. He was busy in his village, foretelling by evil spirits. The village Hindu people would get advice from him, for fixing auspicious days for their family’s marriage ceremony, funeral, house dedication etc.

Our Pr. Gabriel declared to him the word of salvation. He accepted Jesus Christ as personal savior and has taken baptism too. He is a witness in his village for our Lord’s kingdom. Please pray for him, that our God will do miraculous work through him.”

Please thank the Lord for these men’s conversions and pray that they will grow in their faith. Continue to pray for the Pastors of Pastor Paul’s team in Khagaria.

INDIA – BIHAR Annual Convention 2014

Pastor Denny Moses reports on behalf of Pastor Paul Sunder Raj’s team at Khagaria…

“Annual Convention 2014 Report

Greetings to you in the loving name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As the Bible says in Matt 9: 37 “The harvest truly is plenteous, but laborers are few.” Through this word we are doing our best in the Bihar ministry by God’s grace. Without His grace and your valuable prayer we can’t shine for Jesus. In each year and month we are seeing new blessings from God.

As we conduct every year our annual convention, in this year also it was held on March 7, 8 and 9 and we could see the presence of our living God on those days. We were really blessed by God.

In that meeting we called different God’s servants from different places – Pr. Saravanan (GEMS), Pr. James Jeb a Oli (GEMS), Pr. Kasi Mani (Indian Bible Society) and Pr. Johnson Raju (Asian Indian Mission, Maryland, USA). They shared God’s word.
In that meeting different sections were held – family meeting, youth meeting, children meeting, common meeting and skits. God blessed all the sections.

The Khagaria church choir singing and Pastor Paul Sunder Raj welcoming God’s servants.

God’s servants sharing the Word to the congregation.

Inspired Skit about the pain which Jesus took for us on the cross and the great South Africa Missionary. This skit was performed to encourage the people in their spiritual life

On the last day of the convention 23 people took baptism. It was given by head Missionary Pr. M. Paul Sundar Raj.

The right hand of fellowship for the people those who taken baptism

The Lord’s Supper and child dedication on the last day.

The love feast

We could see the God’s grace and His presence from beginning to end. We thank all the prayer warriors and supporters and those who contributed to conduct such spiritual meetings to empower the people and to extend God’s Kingdom. May God bless all.”

INDIA – Bihar – Church dedications

Pastor Denny Moses reports as follows on behalf of the Khagaria outreach team…

“Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ who was, who is and who is to come. We are very glad and privileged to express the marvelous deeds of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After working for 14 yrs in God’s Kingdom in the Bihar, Khagaria field the Almighty helped us to build and dedicate two churches on our own land. Previously the churches were held under the trees, in schools, in village government offices or believers’ home but by prayer and support we have been able to build the churches. We thank God.

Bakri Church;-
In that place we started Ministry in 2007 – by Pr. Gabriel. It was quite difficult to bring the people to God’s vineyards because the people were uneducated and they were in foolish belief. But with prayer support we saw the work of God. Many people started believing Jesus but there were no proper place for the Sunday services. They were held in believers’ houses, pastor’s house, schools, and under the trees. In 2008 our Advent Christian church of Sembakkam, Chennai offered money to buy land in that place. We bought the land in Feb 2008. It was registered by former Bishop Rev. Paul Arul Doss. Later in that place we made small tent for the worship but due to rain and heavy wind often it collapsed. Three times we rebuild that and the believers and pastors were praying for the pukka (proper) building for the worship. In 2012 our Advent Christian church of Sembakkam, Chennai believer and former ACCI secretary Mr. Satya Muller offered Rs. 6,00,000/- to build the church in memory of his late father Mr. Gunasekaran. With that money and some other offerings we constructed a 40 X 25 feet – 1000 sq.ft building. It was dedicated by our Bishop Dr. Rt. Rev. Moses Barnabas on 15/3/14.

Views of the church and Head Missionary M. Paul Sundar Raj dedicating the Church Stone

Rev. Jeeva Kiruban dedicating the sponsored people stone and Bishop Dr. Rt. Rev. Moses Barnabas cutting the ribbon and dedicating the Church.
Bala Bazar;-
In this place ministry started in the year 2003. The workers and members faced lots of problems to bring the church here. The problems were caused by the village head man, and local “rowdies”. (thugs) Because of these people strong believers also were disturbed – they lost their faith and didn’t come to church for several days, but by the prayer support we started worship services. Here also there was no place. Worship was held in schools, under the trees, on the Government office veranda. In 2008 our Mission purchased land from the same church believer and pastor – the Santosh family. In 2010 we constructed the Pastor’s residence and in November 2011 we started construction work for the church. With prayers and support we finished and our Mission Bishop Dr. Rt. Rev. Moses Barnabas dedicated the church on 16/03/2014.

Church building, Bishop dedicating the stone, church and Church altar.
In this great vacation our bishop brought his family members and Conference Pastors Rev. Simeon, Rev. Jeeva Kiruban and Evg. Kanchi Lazarus. On that day many non- Christian people attended the meeting to hear God’s Word. Evg. Kanchi Lazarus delivered the Gospel with his testimony. It touched many people’s life. In that meeting we shared the Gospel by skit too.

Welcoming the Bishop and pastors by Bihar Pastors.
The skit was performed by Bro. Yovan’s team to show the love of God.

Shalom tailoring center students receiving their certificates from the Bishop and his wife for the nine month course.
Love feast at the end of the service.
We thank all the prayer warriors and supporters for their kind concern for our Bihar Ministry. We urge and request you all to pray continually for our ministry.

May God bless you all.”