Monthly Archives: October 2014


 Pastor Denny Moses recently reported as follows on behalf of Pastor Paul Sunder Raj and the team in Khagaria…

Greetings to you in the name our Savior Jesus Christ.
We all are in good health in Christ Jesus and we hope you all are too. We thank  all prayer partners who prayed for our Annual Prayer camp 2014. By the grace of God it went amazingly. God touched many people and many committed their life to pray for world-wide ministries.
In that camp we called Pas. R.K. Abraham (from GEMS), Pas. Ranijth Gabriel and Sis Shakeela (from ACA).
Church Choir singing songs

Pas. R.K. Abraham and Sis Shakeela sharing God’s Word.

Pas. Ranjith Gabriel has been blind from birth. He spent 21 days fasting before this prayer camp and he preached enthusiastically.
Different sections were held for the people: for pastors, women, youth, married people and children.
In these meetings we prayed for various points: world peace, political matters, continents, Nations, National leaders, spiritual people, perishing souls etc…

Bro. Sadhu Sunder Singh, Pas. Samuel Templer and Bro. Rakesh leading the people in prayer.

A skit was performed by Pas. Samuel’s team to motivate the people in prayer.
On  the final day we had a baptism service in which 17 people took baptism for the glory of God.

Pas. Santhosh teaching the Baptism class and Head Missionary praying  before taking baptism

A young handicapped girl showing her enthusiasm to God by taking baptism

Baptism service

During the last six months we had Bible Quiz from the Book of Hebrews in our churches and those who performed well for them we encouraged with gifts.

Child dedication and Lord’s Supper on the final day.

Love Feast after the service.