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2014 Report

Pastor Denny Moses reports on the year’s activities in Khagaria, as follows on behalf of the team….

“To God be the Glory.
Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Paul Sunder Raj – Head Missionary – is the mighty warrior of Jesus Christ who brought the good news of Jesus several years ago to the uncivilized people of Bihar state (North India). Though he didn’t know the local language (Teti) and was also not familiar with Hindi language, he began to sing the Gospel songs standing on the corner of the road in 1998. It was the beginning stage of the Advent Christian Conference of India in Bihar. But it started to grow up by faith of Jesus gradually. God enabled us to spread the gospel by giving tracts and New Testament Bibles in the beginning stage. Gradually God has enlarged our ministry in various ways, such as:-

  1. Cottage prayer.
  2. Film ministry.
  3. Personal evangelism.
  4. Children ministry.
  5. Village Ministry (Skit, puppet show, Gospel meeting)
  6. Youth ministry.
  7. Tailoring centre.
  8. Sharing the gospel to those with leprosy, widows and poor people by helping them.
  9. We conduct Annual Convention and Annual Fasting & Prayer (yearly once) for three days to grow believers in the spiritual life of Jesus.
  10. We are sending our youngsters to the Bible College to learn more about the Lord to harvest the souls and equip the disciples.
    Through these all kind of ministries has God enlarged our territory to establish 12 churches in different places and we own 6 pieces of land, on which 2 churches were constructed and dedicated in the last March 2014 and two churches are being constructed.


Our aim was to share the Gospel among the uneducated people and to do the ministry in an open way, we tried to improve the social level so we planned and God opened the way in 2003 to start the St. Xavier’s High School. It started with just 185 students and now it reached 1200 students by 2014. This school is based on an English medium curriculum. Through this school we pray and teach the Bible scriptures before starting the classes. But one of problem of the school is that it does not have its own land.

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Once again we thank our Almighty God one who strengthens us in our ministry in various ways by your prayers and support. Through prayer we have been able to give baptism to 28 souls for glory of God in 2014.

Prayer points:

  • We are in very great need of land for the school. We have already seen suitable land and have given some amount as an advance payment. Please do pray for the remaining money so that we can register before December 31st 2014.
  • We need land in eight places for church and funds for the construction work.
  • On October 5th we planned to give baptism to 30 people.”

Visit of Team from Agaram AC Church

Pastor Denny Moses has reported as follows concerning a visit from an evangelistic team from the Agaram Advent Christian Church, close to Chennai.

“Greetings to you in name of Jesus.
By the grace of God we are doing well in our entire ministry work. Thanks for your prayers and support towards our Bihar ministry.
In this month (October) members from Agaram Advent Christian church, with Evangelist Abraham and his team visited and did village ministry for four days (19-10-14 to 22-10-14). Conference pastors: Pr. E. Robert, Pr. Ezekiel, Pr. Samson and Pr. Ezra were also in this team.  It was wonderful time for us to take them to different, remote villages in Khagaria, Bihar.
BIHARMinistry was carried out by the team at the following places:

  1. Mansi,
  2. Bala Bazar (Hardiya Povari Tola, Namtoliya)
  3. Hallouly,(Paras,Ron, Pulthoda)
  4. Baliya, (Sanna, Janipur, Bagatpur, Pashveer, Kura)
  5. Gogeri,
  6. Mukesh kutt
  7. Khagria

On 20th October they went to the school land which we have planned to buy (in process) and they prayed on that land – pictured right.

Crossing the river by boat and sharing the Word of God. Sharing the Gospel and praying for the sick.

Please continually uphold those villages – they are still uneducated. May God deliver them from evil and darkness.