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Denny MosesWhen Pastor Denny Moses completed his studies and began serving the Lord in June 2007 as a member of Pastor Paul Sunder Raj’s team in the Advent Christian Conference of India’s outreach ministry in Khagaria, Bihar, what he saw of the people of the State, their culture, their low standard of living and their need of Jesus Christ soon brought him to dedicate his life to live and serve the Lord there. He recently told me that “It’s been a blessed journey and I am happy in every way. I thank God for He has done wonderful things in my life till now. By His grace I’m still alive too.”

As he wrote those words in mid-December, he also went on to tell me that “Once again God has blessed me by showing me my right Life Partner last month.”

As is still the custom for many families in India, Denny Moses’ parents and the Pastor of his home church in Chennai had been searching for a bride for him for four years. During that time there have been many disappointments as suitable, prospective brides were not willing to dedicate their lives to supporting Brother Denny Moses in his commitment to live and serve the Lord in Bihar, and/or prospective bride’s parents were not willing to allow their daughters to live permanently in a far-off, remote location such as Bihar!

His email message went on to say But, God has His own time and I waited patiently and now I have got blessing from Heaven. My Life Partner to be is also dedicated to work in Bihar”

For 26 December Brother Denny Moses and family and friends travelled 590 kilometres south from Chennai to the city and district of Tuticorin (also known as Thoothakudi) to celebrate his betrothal (engagement) to Briscy.

Tuticorin is a seaport city at the extreme south-eastern corner of Tamil Nadu State and the Indian sub-continent, and is known for its pearl cultivation – an abundance of pearls in the sea offshore is the basis for a very large industry. From the same city, Brother Denny Moses has found his “pearl”!

The couple will be married on 29 May 2015, in the Advent Christian Conference of India’s “Cathedral” Church at Velachery, Chennai.

Please thank and praise the Lord for His blessings thus far and pray for the young couple and for the arrangements and financial provision for their marriage, and for their lives together serving Him in Khagaria, Bihar in the future.

(Ernie Schache)


INDIA – BIHAR – Report for the month of November 2014.

Pastor Denny Moses recently reported as follows on behalf of Pastor Paul Sunder Raj and his team…

“Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are glad to share the Gospel and conquer the world for Christ.

We thank the Almighty God for supporting us to work for His Kingdom. In our school we have celebrated Children’s Day on 14th November. Pastor Joseph (Missionary Samuel Templer’s uncle – Bala Bazar field) shared the Word of God in the morning assembly. Pastor Joseph’s team has done special ministry in the village fields for the Khagaria ministry.

In 2007 we had started a new ministry field at Mahesh Kutt. (20km away from Khagaria headquarters) Every week Sunday services and other prayer gatherings were held in a rented hut. By the grace of God, in 2011 our believers at the Advent Christian Church at Agaram-then (Chennai) donated land for the Mahesh Kutt Church by their offerings. In the year 2012, our former president, our area Pastor of Thiruvanmiyur Rt. Rev. Dr. Benjamin Jaya Paul, with his church committee and believers, have arranged the offering to donate a church building on the land

On 30/11/2014 the church construction work was finished and the building was finished and was dedicated for the glory of God.  The church was dedicated by Bishop Rt. Rev. Francis Thangadurai – along with him the Out-reach Director Rev. S. D. David; Bible School Principal Rev. Gnana Prasanth; Evangelical Committee Director Rev. Stephenson and Pastor E. David representing the committee members of the Advent Christian Church, Agaram- then and Thiruvanmiyur have attended the service. (Advent Christian Church donated Rs.960,000/- (approx. NZ$20,000/US$15,500) for the construction work.)

We thank all the prayer partners and supporters for their concern for our Bihar ministry. Please continually uphold us in your earnest prayer. This is the third Church we have constructed in this year.”