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INDIA – BIHAR – January 2015 report

Pastor Denny Moses reports as follows on behalf of Pastor Paul Sunder Raj and his team in Khagaria…

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ who was, who is and who is to come.
Once again we wish a prosperous New Year to all of you. Let God do marvelous things in our ministry and we thank all the supporters who are remembering us in your prayers.
In the year of 2014 God has done so many things in the Khagaria, Bihar Ministry in various ways. We dedicated three new churches, started two more tailoring centers in two villages and started new ministry in new places. All came from the grace of God. So please continually uphold us in your prayer so we can bring more souls to God’s Kingdom.
This month we have received 15 “Treasures” (Gospel IPods) that we will give to the prayer cell leaders to play among village people before or after the cottage prayer meetings.

In month of December we celebrated well by the grace of God. We sang carol songs on the roads of many villages and we shared the love of Jesus to the people. During this time we distributed many New Testaments and tracts to the people.
On 25th December, in our Khagaria main church, around 150 people gathered to listen to the Good News of Jesus. It was a really great blessing for them. During the service Sunday School kids performed dances and a skit with Santa Claus. After the Christmas worship service we had a love feast.”