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Advent Christian Conference of India, Bihar. Annual Convention – 2015

Pastor Denny Moses reports as follows…

“Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Our Lord is so gracious towards the Bihar ministry. He has done marvelous work in our ministry. If your support and prayers were not there we could not do the best in this (Hindu, religious, witchcraft) Bihar. We thank God and all the people in Christ for your kind concern on our ministry.
We had our Annual convention on March 7, 8 and 9. It was so wonderful and blessed fellowship with all our Advent church pastors and believers – around 450 people gathered in these three days of meeting. The pastors came to share God’s words from different denominations and places. As they delivered it was blessed and God spoke to each one of them personally. The theme of this convention was How to Please God. The speakers shared God’s word on this topic. All of us enjoyed the presence of God in worship, testimony, skits, God’s word and in visual.
The messages were given to four groups – non-baptized, baptized, youth and for pastors and Missionary families. This messages were delivered by Bro. Rakesh Kumar (GEMS), Bro. Stephen Raj (GEMS), Missionary. James Jeba Oli (GEMS) Pr. Sam Jebaraj (Independent Church, Delhi), Pr. Christopher Bhonsle (Mahanaim Church)”

Khagaria Church Sunday class children performing a skit. The children’s skit was performed by Missionary Paul Sunder Raj’s son Paul William Carey and friends

On the last day 16 people were ready to take baptism. For them special messages were given by Head Missionary M. Paul Sundar Raj, Pr. Santhosh and Pr. Gabriel.

Head Missionary M. Paul Sundar Raj praying and giving baptism to the people.

The pictures above are of Gladys Esther (Ujala in Muslim) from Muslim Community, who has accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. She is the first girl to accept Jesus from Muslim community. Please pray continually for her spiritual growth and that through her the whole family may accept Jesus Christ.

16 believers took baptism and Head Missionary M. Paul Sundar Raj offered each of them the right hand of fellowship

Prayer Points:

  • The land which we are planning to buy in the month of April – please pray for the financial needs and registration work.
  • St. Xavier’s High School senior students are writing Board Exams.
  • Missionary Denny Moses’ marriage will be on May 29th – please pray for arrangements and needs.”

INDIA – BIHAR – Febuary 2015 report

Pastor Denny Moses reports as follows on behalf of Pastor Paul Sunder Raj and his team in Khagaria…

“Praise the Lord
We thank our almighty God one who enabled us, in His Ministry in Bihar, and in His grace and mercy to be doing good in all ways.
On 14 – 2 – 15 our school 10th class had their farewell meeting. In that meeting we invited Pastor Christopher Bhonsle to give a special message with useful advice. This is the 6th Batch from our St. Xavier High School. We remember that the past batches got 100% result; especially the last batch, when a student got 100% mark in all subjects. So please kindly pray for the dear children as they are going to appear for the Bihar Board Exam. May God enable them to write well in the exam papers.

Pastor Christopher sharing God’s word Class instructor Mrs. Sharon advising
to children during farewell meeting

Prayer Points:

  • 40 students are appearing for the Bihar Board Exam from our School on March 3rd onwards
  • 2nd march to 18th March our school will write the final exams
  • March 7, 8 and 9 Annual Convention in Khagaria – around 500 believers will attend
  • Pray for Convention speaker, Music systems, food, accommodation and all the arrangements
  • Pray that the people would get special strength and anointing from the Holy Spirit
  • Pray for the people for the comfortable journey from all areas
  • Pray for a suitable atmosphere
  • Pray for the result preparation, new academy session work in school
  • Pray for the forthcoming VBS program which will start from April
  • Pray for all the missionaries who are working in Bihar ACC Mission in coming days. Huge works are there, may God may strengthen us to do this.
  • Pray for the land which we are seeking to buy for the construction of a new school”

Advent Christian Conference of India Bihar

Annual Convention 2015 March 7, 8 & 9

Details: Bihar – Annual Convention March 2015