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INDIA – BIHAR – Report for the months of May and June 2015

Pastor Denny Moses recently sent the following report on behalf of Pastor Paul Sunder Raj and the team based at Khagaria, Bihar…

“Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. We thank God for His wonders towards our ministry.
As you know our School registration [registration of the purchase of land for the school] was made on April 10 – please continually pray for construction works to begin.

Last month, May 29th, our Missionary Denny Moses’ marriage [to Briscy] was held in Advent Christian cathedral [in Chennai] He has been serving Lord in Bihar since 2007. Please continually pray for the future ministry in Bihar.image001

In our school ministry 3 new teachers cum missionaries joined – Mr. Vijay Daniel, Miss Grassy, Miss Tamil Arsi – please pray for their work and responsibilities, may God enable them success in school ministry.

In church planting work also three brothers completed one year Bible course. Bro. Lakgan, Bro. Prince, will be in full time ministry and Bro. Chandrasekar will do ministry part time.

In our school all 10th class students passed in Central Board final exams. We thank God and those people who prayed

Prayer Points:


The above pictures are of construction work at Baliya church which has been stopped due to financial needs.


The above pictures are from Bala Bazar Church, the compound wall which is incomplete.

Please pray for work to be complete, that God may provide all the financial support.

In coming days we are planning to conduct 10 hours chain prayer in branch churches.

Pas. Susil Joshua’s wife Mrs. Sima has conceived. The doctor has given July 18 as the delivery date – please pray for normal delivery.
Bro. Satruthan from Bakri Church is planning to go Bible College. Please pray.
Khagaria Church believer’s son Joseph is lost past 3 months. Please pray God may bring him home.
Br. Keshav and Miss. Rooth Kalavtthy are not well. Please pray for good health.
Sis. Asha, Saraswathi, Soni Sma, Priya have not yet had the blessing of a child. Please pray God may open their womb.
Persecution in Church. In Baliya Church Bro. Dharvendr Doss, Sis. Sita Devi, Baby Kayathiri have been beaten up by anti-Christian people but still they are following Christ.
In Bala Bazar Church Br. Murari family member passed away. Due to this reason he has to remove hair from head. It’s a custom of Hindu rituals but he has not obeyed for the Hindu rituals and is following Christ Jesus. Please pray God may strengthen him.
In Gokiri Church due to the social problem Manoj Singh, Randeer Kumar, Pankaj, Ranjith, Sis. Kajal Devi, Sabiya Devi, Hema Devi are backsliding after Baptism. Please pray God may bring them again to Church.

In our ministry to empower the ladies we started Tailoring center in 7 churches- please pray for the other places to start the same work.

Praise God:

In Beldor, church believer’s sons Moni and Raesh drank poison because of family problem. But praise still they are alive. The last son has been found in Delhi, India’s capital
Br. Susil got a child after 5 years
In Bala Bazar one believer has offered a cow and calf
Sis. Maju Devi has delivered baby after 16 years”