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INDIA – BIHAR – Items for prayer

Pastor Denny Moses has written as follows on behalf of the ACCI’s outreach team in Khagaria, Bihar, asking for prayer for folk connected with their ministry and school…

“Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.
We all are doing good in our ministry. We are thankful to you for all the prayer support towards the Bihar Outreach team. Please continually pray for us.

image001In the picture Sister Rooth Kalavathy from Chennai has been working in our Bihar St. Xavier’s High School since 2008 onwards. She converted from Hindu background (Brahmin family) so their family members left her because she accepted Jesus as Saviour.

She met an accident years ago and due to that she had a plate in her right leg. Then also she worked as a missionary in our team. Now she has to go for treatment to her right leg – as you see in picture she is in a critical condition

Please pray for healing. May God may bring back her to Bihar to continue in school ministry. She has undergone treatment in Bihar Homeopathic but is not getting cured so she went Chennai hospital for further treatment.

Please pray for her medical expenses – may God may supply all their needs. She has one sister (Rebekah) who also left home because she accepted Jesus – both are not married yet.”


Pastor Denny Moses wrote late in July asking for prayer for one of the Khagaria church members – Brother Siva, whose Mother has worked for St Xavier’s School for 15 year- who had fallen ill. Medical tests were all normal, but sadly he died several days later.
Brother Denny Moses again asks us to pray for his family as follows…

image003“The picture at right is of Bro. Siva who passed on 01-08-2015 due to illness. The picture is the last as he attended my (Denny Moses) marriage reception on 20-06-2015 [Bro Siva at left of picture]

I have no words to express and explain about Siva because he was such a good talented young man in our youth team. Whenever the Prayer Camp and Annual Convention was held he was the key singer and volunteer leader to arrange all things.

Please continually pray for their family. This is the 3rd death in their family within 8 months.

The village people and relatives are saying that “You are worshipping Jesus so our (Hindu) god is punishing your family, so stop following Jesus. If you continue following Jesus again one more death will occur in your family.”

Please pray for Siva’s family, that they may know the peace and presence of God, and that they may stand firm in their Christian faith and may continue to present a strong witness to Jesus Christ.


Pastor Paul Sunder Raj has written concerning a tragic situation concerning Pastor Denny Moses’ sister-in law. They have been praying for a miracle of healing for his sister-in-law Mrs. Saroja, who had been suffering from stomach cancer and as Pastor Denny Moses recently advised that the cancer was in the final stages he wrote: “My whole family is in tears.” Sadly, on 16 August Mrs. Saroja passed away, leaving her husband and two young daughters. Pastor Paul Sunder Raj writes…

image005“In the picture Mr. John’s (brother of Missionary Denny Moses) daughters – from right Prince and Joy Mercy – as these kids have lost their Mother.

Please uphold them in your valuable prayer. May God provide all their needs in the future. Still the kids think that Mum is in hospital because they don’t know Mother has passed way.

Mr. John is member of Advent Christian Church at Taramani and he is a taxi driver. He is also now broken after losing his wife Mrs. Saroja. Because of this incident Denny Moses and his mother are also sad.

Please kindly we need your prayer support for Mr. John and his two kids. May the Lord grant peace in his family and provide all needy things for their future studies.

Denny Moses is also now in Chennai to take care of his brother and mother. Pray for Denny Moses – may God be with him and his family to complete the further family work so that he may come back to Bihar to continue his ministry.

Once again I request you all to pray and support Mr. John and his kids for a bright future….