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INDIA – Advent Christian Conference of India, BIHAR

Annual Fasting and Prayer Camp October 21, 22, 23 2015

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ who is going to come soon!

We are glad and well by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in Bihar. We thank all the prayer supporters who are remembering us in their prayers. By your prayers and God’s grace we are bringing light in the darkest places of Bihar. Even though there was a tough time in the month of August, by God’s grace we are back from all trouble and temptation as we sing the song “What a friend we have in Jesus” – our friend Jesus is always with us to help.

Last October 21, 22 & 23 we had our Annual Fasting Prayer when our believers from all our branches came and were blessed by the Holy Spirit. Really many people received the anointing of Holy Spirit for this meeting. We called missionary Gnana Doss, Nathaniel, Jesudosan and Christopher and they came from different churches to deliver the God’s word.

The first day Mr Paulson and Mr Dinesh doing Registration work and Mr Paul Jebaraj leading the choir along with Missionary Paul Sundar Raj

Sharing the Word of God Pr Christopher in family section. Pr Nathaniel in youth section. Pr Gnana Doss with non-baptized believers

Pr Jesu Dossan in Pastors’ section sharing God’s word. Mrs Paul Suder Mathi in Children section and Pr Santhosh leading prayer section

On the last day, 17 people were baptized by Missionary Paul Sundar Raj



Mr Mani Ram is a handicapped person and recently injured in his left leg, but to him our Missionary gave baptism by pouring water.



Sister Stephene sharing her testimony: she was working in Bihar under central government NGO as a nurse trainer but she resigned her job due to her brain headache. She went for treatment to a Doctor who said there was no hope in her life and she had to have an operation immediately at the cost around 5 Lakhs [500,000 rupees] but she and her family were unable to find the huge amount. But all prayed for her together and she had the operation at low cost. By the grace of God she is still alive.


The right hand of fellowship after baptisms and Lord’s Supper on the final day

Prayer Points:
• Pray for revival in Bihar
• Pray for the young stars to shine for Jesus
• Pray for protection of Christian People in Bihar
• Pray for the growth of Churches
• Pray for forthcoming one-day fasting and prayer meetings in our five Advent Churches in Khagaria, BalaBazar, Bakri, Mukesh Kutt, Baliya
• Pray for Ps Niranjan and Rakesh who are suffering from malaria fever
• Pray for Mrs Deepa, Mrs Asha and Mrs Sima that God will bless them with children