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INDIA | BIHAR | Report on Annual Convention – 2016

Pastor Denny Moses sent the following report…

“Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We thank you all for the kind concern towards our Khagaria, Bihar ministry. By the grace of God and your prayers we were led us to conduct this year’s Annual Convention at the Bala Bazar Church campus on March 11, 12 and 13.

(From left) Pastor. David Quarth Missionary; Pas. Michal and Secretary Advent Christian church Perungudi, Mr. M.A George welcomed by Bala Bazar Advent Church Pas. Samuel Templer and Pas. Santosh

The main purpose of this Annual Convention was to preach the Gospel in open ground which is situated at the center of the Village. We had expected 1000 people including our all church believers and more than 1000 persons attended at every day’s evening session. Our Almighty Lord has helped to crack all the problems and obstacles. On the third day at 7:30 pm all of a sudden there was heavy cyclonic wind – many tube lights were broken and the people who were under the tent started to run here and there. All of us started to pray. By the grace of God within 10 minutes we miraculously had complete silence and the Gospel was preached.

Pas. David Quarth preaches the message visually through film to the people watching. The servants of God praying at the end


Missionary Michael, Pas. David Quarth with Head Missionary Paul Sundar Raj pray for the people


The Church Choir sings; Pas. Stanley shares his testimony and believers in queue to get food


On the final day 28 person were baptized by head missionary Paul Sundar Raj


On the last day the Lord’s communion and the right hand of fellowship for the newly baptized people

We earnestly request all the prayer partners to pray continually for revival in our ministry and for the people, so that people receive salvation and that many people may know the truth under the shadow of Jesus.

Prayer request:

1. Pray for the construction of Baliya and Parbatta churches which is stopped now due to the financial scarcity.
2. In our school, class 10 students have written central board exams. May God bring good marks to the students
3. In our school – final exams, new admission work, results, book issuing and construction on the school land are there. Please pray that God will lead all staff to do their work properly.
4. Pray for the 28 persons who have taken baptism, so that they should continually bring fruits in God’s vineyards.
5. To conduct 2 days Bible study in Area Churches (during May)


Pr. Paul Sundar Raj, Br. Kare La Sah and Br. Deepak

The person who is in the middle Mr. Kare Lal Sah had been under the yoke of Satan for the past 10 years. He used to live in the forest. No one could go near to him because he beat the people with things he had in his hand. But three months ago the village people brought him to the Advent Christian church at Baliy. Pas. Santosh and all believers prayed for him and God delivered him from the Satan’s yoke. In this annual convention – 2016 – he has taken baptism by accepting that Jesus is the true living God. Now he is a new believer of that Church.


Pastor Denny Moses

image001Please rejoice with Pastor Denny Moses and his wife Briscy, and thank the Lord for the safe arrival of their son.

image003Pastor Denny Moses writes…

“Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ, I thank God for His marvellous works in my life. Last 22nd March at 4:45pm (IST) God blessed me with baby boy. God helped my wife to deliver in normal way. Now she is in her home town Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. I’m in Bihar. Please pray for me continually.Thank You”




As is the custom in India, Briscy would have returned to her home to be with her Mother just before the birth of their son, and will remain there for several months before returning to Bihar to be with Denny Moses. Briscy’s home is in Tuticorin, at the far south of India, literally at the other end of the country from Bihar. Please pray for Denny Moses, Briscy and their son, asking that they will be together as a famil