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Prayer items

On behalf of the team in Khagaria, Bihar, Pastor Denny Moses has asked for prayer as follows…

india outreach Nov17 (1)

Sister Renu

Sister. Renu is living in Navtolia village (Christu Nagar) Khagaria. She is getting much trouble due to accepting Jesus Christ as her Savior. The whole village people are opposing her, and they have arranged a panchayat* judgement to give some punishment. Please pray for her to be relieved from all the captivities and troubles pray that our Almighty Lord’s wonderful hand should keep her safe among the villages.
{*The panchayat is the elected village council.}

india outreach Nov17 (3)Pray for the newly bought the church land
We are about to establish a church. An agreement was made for the land after many detailed enquiries, even the government land department officials also assured us to buy. Through this confirmation the land owners had most of the amount paid in advance. Now the same land surveyor has included our land in the lake area. Therefore we are unable to register the land. Kindly put this prayer request in your valuable prayers. The officials who included the land in the lake should rewrite the rules and declare that the land is excluded from the lake.

india outreach Nov17 (1)TO GOD BE THE GLORY
In our Advent church Khagaria Bihar’s branch field at Bakri village, our field worker Pas. Gabriel is doing the service of God. One of the village men was famous for his witchcraft, also he was against the Gospel and threatened the villagers by using some black magic, but he was touched by the Gospel through the pastor and accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. Now he is glorifying Lord by sharing his witness in various churches and villages. Please pray continually for him to be baptised.


india outreach Nov17 (2)political party leader, Mr. Dharmendra Mahto, also accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. It is very difficult to come to Christ from such a background because he has to face big problems in his party, and among people and communities, but our Heavenly Father’s love made him to accept Jesus and he has taken baptism. Please pray for him.”


Annual Fasting Report

Pastor Paul Sundar Raj, leader of the team in Khagaria, Bihar reports as follows…

Annual fasting prayer Report 2017

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, we are doing well in our ministry, with a vision in Bihar ministry field. God Almighty is always with us so that we are heading forward to extend His mightiest Kingdom.

In October on we conducted 3 days fasting prayer in five different places – in Mahesh Kutt, Rampur, Baliya, Bala Bazar and Khagaria.

Previously this prayer camp was held at our Khagaria School Campus but that was too difficult for accommodation and the believers had to travel long distances to come here. Due to these reasons, we divided 5 places to conduct that one prayer camp; through this more believers attended. On the final day, 36 persons were baptised.

To share the word of God 4 pastors were arranged in three different places. From our AC mission in Chennai Rev. Paul Victor Jones (the Area Chairman of Sozhinganallur, Chennai) came to deliver God’s word. After 13 years he visited Bihar with a burden for perishing souls. He collected offerings and bought 2 strangers (Audio System), clothes for the Missionaries, Pastors and their kids, and snacks. He gave RS. 40,000/- for the Convention expenses.

We thank God’s people who cared for the Bihar ministry and supporting in prayer. May our Heavenly Father bless us with His richness. God bless us.

(Left) Head Missionary Paul Sundar Raj welcoming Rev. Paul Victor Jones and sharing the word of God in Khagaria (Right)

annual fasting report (2)


(Above) The congregation at Bala Bazar.

(Photos above) Offerings/gifts collected from Advent Church, Sozhinganallur area, distributed in Bihar

(Photos Above) Rev. Paul Victor Jones giving Baptism along with him Pr. Jeevanandam (From Maranatha Church, Chennai) To God be the Glory

Beloved Brothers /Sisters,

We requested you to pray for Pr. Shatrugan, as he was undergoing persecution. The village forced him to leave the place otherwise they would beat him. But through your valuable prayer & by our everlasting Father’s Grace, the village was quiet on that day especially the District Headman, Village President and the vigilantes did not make any threat to Pr. Shatrugan.

After this 20 police constables announced to the whole village and in marketplaces not to threaten any Christians in the village. Our wonderful Savior has done marvellous things for us.

However, some Brahmin caste people, BJP, RSS party members are misguiding the village people – they are not allowing them to go to churches and saying that if they go to church they should leave all the Hindu rituals, and they forced the 40 believers to stop attending church.

Please continue your prayer support for the people who still create some problems.

We thank you for your earnest prayer

Your brother in Christ