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INDIA | BIHAR – Annual Convention 2018

Pastor Denny Moses reports, on behalf of the team at Khagaria, Bihar, as follows…

“To God be the glory!

Annual Convention 2018

Beloved in Jesus Christ,

Greetings to you in His marvelous and wonderful name. By the Almighty Father’s grace, we all are fine in our ministry field. Though problems arise unfortunately in ministry fields, our Lord’s protective and graceful hands always keep us safe. We believe the same unchanging Father God cares for you and leads you. Our Lord’s name alone be glorified. And let us sing His praises as it is written in Psalm 13:6 “I will sing to the LORD, because He has dealt bountifully with me”.

In the past month, April 6th to 22nd, we were guided and motivated by the Holy Spirit to conduct this year’s Annual Convention in many field areas. The conventions days were arranged accordingly from 6th to 8th April in Balya field, from 13th to 15th April in Balabazar field and Rampur field and from 20th to 22nd in theMaheskhunt field. Our ACCI – Mission’s Former Bishop Rt. Rev. M Moses Barnabas (Present Area Chairman of Perungudi) Rev. John Kennedy (Area Pastor Chittalapakkam) and some other Pastors from other missions like GEMS [Gospel Echoing Mission Society] shared the word of God in those various places. The believers of these churches are strengthened more for Christ. By this convention 32 new believers had a confirmation to live for Christ and had baptism, two believers’ marriage were held, two new pastors were dedicated for two new fields, and 10 believers’ children dedications were conducted.

We thank the Lord, Everlasting for His abundant grace which led us to accomplish all these events fully. We praise our Master the Greatest.

Points for Praise:-

  • We bought a mini school bus to bring the students from faraway places.
  • Lord helped us to complete the [school] session 2017 – 18 without any trouble and to begin the academic session 2018 – 19 with a good start.
  • The required land for school, as per government norms was purchased, and registered last month
  • Land for a Church at Allouli was bought and registered at last month
  • Two new servants of God for two new fields joined and were dedicated for the glory of God.
  • Even though, among a troublesome and confused situation, our Lord miraculously has helped us to complete 75% of the compound wall work in BalaBazar.

Points for Prayer:-

  • Pray for school building construction work and to get financial support.
  • Pray to start church construction work in Allouli and Rajakpur fields.
  • Pray to buy land for the churches in Mansi, Gogeri and Beldore.
  • In our mission school, 51 students have written class X [10] CBSE Board examination and are waiting for their results – kindly remember them in your prayers.
  • We are in need of dedicated new teachers in our school.

Rt. Rev. Moses Barnabas honored by Church believers in Balabazar and baptism was given by Bishop.

The new believers with Ex. Bishop after baptism service, and giving Right Hand of Fellowship to newly baptised believers.

Child Dedication in Rampur Convention and believers’ marriage in Balabazar.

Rev. John Kennedy sharing God’s word and giving Baptism to the new believers.


INDIA – BIHAR – report from Advent Christian Conference Outreach

Pastor Denny Moses sent the following report:

Bihar Report from March to June 2017

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. We are blessed and doing well in our Bihar field. We hope the same for you, all through the grace of our Heavenly Father We thank you for your valuable prayer and concern for our ministry in Bihar. By the grace of God and your prayer support our ministry (is) progressing day by day.

God was so good to us in past months, we could conduct the spiritual meetings and other ministry work to extend the kingdom of God.

In the month of January Rajakpur church’s compound wall construction was completed. Pray that in the forth-coming days we can build the church there.

We conducted a worship seminar in our school and there was a students’ meeting. Most of our school students participated and heard the word of God by Pastor Jacob from Trichy, Tamil Nadu.

In our school God enabled us to complete the session 2016-17 and we have started the new session. The grace of God was with school activities. The level of student education has grown gradually – please continually pray for the school – building construction work has not started yet. Let our God meet the needs to construct the School

Every year we conduct the Annual Convention in our school campus but this year instead of a particular place we have conducted it in three different areas. So that more people came and participated in that spiritually. The meetings were held respectively at Bala Bazar, Mahesh Kutt and Rampur. The area pastors organized all the activities of the meeting, the speakers came from different places and through their sharing God’s Word the people were blessed. On the last day, the area pastor gave baptism to new believers and the Head Missionary Pastor M. Paul Sundar Raj delivered God’s word with right hand of fellowship and Holy Communion.

Pastor Santosh and Missionary Samuvel Templar giving baptism to believers.

Br. Ramesh, a person with a disability has completed one year Bible training at GEMS {Gospel Echoing Missionary Society} and has dedicated his life to serving the Lord.

To Praise God:

  • In our school, all the 57 students in class 10 passed the board exams, and especially 18 students had 100% marks in all the subjects
  • A parent Mr. Guljari registered a case against our school in the District Public Court, but our God has provided the judgment in favour of us.
  • Some anti-Christians in our area had written a letter against our Pr. Paul Sundar Raj to Bihar State’s Chief Minister but by the great concern of our God, it has not reached him, and it has returned to us.
  • 700 Children have participated in VBS.
  • 7 Sisters and 1 brother were sent to GEMS Bible School to get the disciple training, and two other brothers have completed their training, and now they have joined in ministry.

To Pray

  • Pray for Baliya and Parbatta Church construction work, to be completed before October this year.
  • Pray for Baliya and Allouli Churches’ field land registration
  • Pray for sick and weak believers -Pr. Pon Singh, Pr. Samuvel , Rajesh, Asha, Sangeetha, Sabutri, Sudar Mathi.
  • Pray for the annual 3 days 12 hours fasting prayer which is to held in September and October. Pray that there will not be any obstructions or opposition.
  • We need 6 lakhs {600, 00 rupees = approx. NZ$12,730} to buy a church land at Mansi and Sanha fields

Please pray for all the above prayer points.”


INDIA | BIHAR – Report on Annual Convention – 2016

Pastor Denny Moses has sent the following report…

Annual Fasting Prayer Camp 2016
Advent Christian Conference of India Bihar

“Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ – we all are doing well in God’s Vineyard. We hope you all are too. It’s our privilege to work for Christ among uncivilized people. We thank all the prayer partners and supporters for the Bihar ministry and we praise God for the people he has given as a backbone to Bihar ministry.
In Bihar God’s works are wonderful day by day we see the growth of the ministry in Bihar. This all happened only because of Prayer.
Last Oct 7, 8 and 9 we conducted the Annual Fasting Prayer Camp. In that meeting around 500 believers gathered for equip their spirituality and pray for the perishing souls.


Registration; and welcoming the chief key Speaker Eva. Haggai Shankar (from Chennai) along with Him from GEMS [Gospel Echoing Missionary Society] Pas. Stephen, Pas. James Jeba oli, and Pas. Christopher; the Church Choir singing song for the Glory of God. It was a blessed opportunity to all those who attended meeting.


Eva. Haggai Shankar , Pas. Christopher and Pas. James Jeba oli delivering message to Pastors, Believers and Youth.


Mrs. Paul Sudar Mathi sharing God’s story with the children; Pr. Sam sharing prayer points in General section; cooks preparing food for dinner.


image019Bro. Deepak (speaking, at left in picture) was brutally beaten by people from the RSS [an Anti-Christian organization named Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh] to betray Jesus but he didn’t do that. The people beat him until he became unconscious. In the center Br. Stanley and Pr. Samuel sharing testimonies.



On the last day 23 people took baptism for the glory of the Lord.


Prize distribution of Bible Quiz contest for 42 people who participated and the Right Hand of Fellowship for the people those who had taken baptism.


The Lord’s supper and lunch on final day.


We thank God for this blessed spiritual meeting, through this we all equiped ourself to pray for perishing souls.

Prayer Points:
 Pray for church construction work which going on Parbatta, Baliya and Rajakpur
 Pray for the School building plan and construction work.
 Pray for all Missionaries and Pastors and all the ministry work which is ahead of us that God may give us sound mind and health to extend His Kingdom for His glory in Bihar.
 In November in our 6 branch churches one day prayer camps are going to held. Pray for these meetings.
 In November an evangelisitc team from from Agarami Advent Christian church in Chennai is going to do special ministry in the villages.
 December 5 to 23 Christams carol program going to be held. Pray for these meetings.
 Br. Chottu, Rajesh, Mukesh, Mrs. Meera and Nirmaly are sick – please pray God may heal them.”

INDIA | BIHAR | Report on Annual Convention – 2016

Pastor Denny Moses sent the following report…

“Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We thank you all for the kind concern towards our Khagaria, Bihar ministry. By the grace of God and your prayers we were led us to conduct this year’s Annual Convention at the Bala Bazar Church campus on March 11, 12 and 13.

(From left) Pastor. David Quarth Missionary; Pas. Michal and Secretary Advent Christian church Perungudi, Mr. M.A George welcomed by Bala Bazar Advent Church Pas. Samuel Templer and Pas. Santosh

The main purpose of this Annual Convention was to preach the Gospel in open ground which is situated at the center of the Village. We had expected 1000 people including our all church believers and more than 1000 persons attended at every day’s evening session. Our Almighty Lord has helped to crack all the problems and obstacles. On the third day at 7:30 pm all of a sudden there was heavy cyclonic wind – many tube lights were broken and the people who were under the tent started to run here and there. All of us started to pray. By the grace of God within 10 minutes we miraculously had complete silence and the Gospel was preached.

Pas. David Quarth preaches the message visually through film to the people watching. The servants of God praying at the end


Missionary Michael, Pas. David Quarth with Head Missionary Paul Sundar Raj pray for the people


The Church Choir sings; Pas. Stanley shares his testimony and believers in queue to get food


On the final day 28 person were baptized by head missionary Paul Sundar Raj


On the last day the Lord’s communion and the right hand of fellowship for the newly baptized people

We earnestly request all the prayer partners to pray continually for revival in our ministry and for the people, so that people receive salvation and that many people may know the truth under the shadow of Jesus.

Prayer request:

1. Pray for the construction of Baliya and Parbatta churches which is stopped now due to the financial scarcity.
2. In our school, class 10 students have written central board exams. May God bring good marks to the students
3. In our school – final exams, new admission work, results, book issuing and construction on the school land are there. Please pray that God will lead all staff to do their work properly.
4. Pray for the 28 persons who have taken baptism, so that they should continually bring fruits in God’s vineyards.
5. To conduct 2 days Bible study in Area Churches (during May)


Pr. Paul Sundar Raj, Br. Kare La Sah and Br. Deepak

The person who is in the middle Mr. Kare Lal Sah had been under the yoke of Satan for the past 10 years. He used to live in the forest. No one could go near to him because he beat the people with things he had in his hand. But three months ago the village people brought him to the Advent Christian church at Baliy. Pas. Santosh and all believers prayed for him and God delivered him from the Satan’s yoke. In this annual convention – 2016 – he has taken baptism by accepting that Jesus is the true living God. Now he is a new believer of that Church.

INDIA – Advent Christian Conference of India, BIHAR

Annual Fasting and Prayer Camp October 21, 22, 23 2015

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ who is going to come soon!

We are glad and well by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in Bihar. We thank all the prayer supporters who are remembering us in their prayers. By your prayers and God’s grace we are bringing light in the darkest places of Bihar. Even though there was a tough time in the month of August, by God’s grace we are back from all trouble and temptation as we sing the song “What a friend we have in Jesus” – our friend Jesus is always with us to help.

Last October 21, 22 & 23 we had our Annual Fasting Prayer when our believers from all our branches came and were blessed by the Holy Spirit. Really many people received the anointing of Holy Spirit for this meeting. We called missionary Gnana Doss, Nathaniel, Jesudosan and Christopher and they came from different churches to deliver the God’s word.

The first day Mr Paulson and Mr Dinesh doing Registration work and Mr Paul Jebaraj leading the choir along with Missionary Paul Sundar Raj

Sharing the Word of God Pr Christopher in family section. Pr Nathaniel in youth section. Pr Gnana Doss with non-baptized believers

Pr Jesu Dossan in Pastors’ section sharing God’s word. Mrs Paul Suder Mathi in Children section and Pr Santhosh leading prayer section

On the last day, 17 people were baptized by Missionary Paul Sundar Raj



Mr Mani Ram is a handicapped person and recently injured in his left leg, but to him our Missionary gave baptism by pouring water.



Sister Stephene sharing her testimony: she was working in Bihar under central government NGO as a nurse trainer but she resigned her job due to her brain headache. She went for treatment to a Doctor who said there was no hope in her life and she had to have an operation immediately at the cost around 5 Lakhs [500,000 rupees] but she and her family were unable to find the huge amount. But all prayed for her together and she had the operation at low cost. By the grace of God she is still alive.


The right hand of fellowship after baptisms and Lord’s Supper on the final day

Prayer Points:
• Pray for revival in Bihar
• Pray for the young stars to shine for Jesus
• Pray for protection of Christian People in Bihar
• Pray for the growth of Churches
• Pray for forthcoming one-day fasting and prayer meetings in our five Advent Churches in Khagaria, BalaBazar, Bakri, Mukesh Kutt, Baliya
• Pray for Ps Niranjan and Rakesh who are suffering from malaria fever
• Pray for Mrs Deepa, Mrs Asha and Mrs Sima that God will bless them with children

INDIA – BIHAR – Items for prayer

Pastor Denny Moses has written as follows on behalf of the ACCI’s outreach team in Khagaria, Bihar, asking for prayer for folk connected with their ministry and school…

“Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.
We all are doing good in our ministry. We are thankful to you for all the prayer support towards the Bihar Outreach team. Please continually pray for us.

image001In the picture Sister Rooth Kalavathy from Chennai has been working in our Bihar St. Xavier’s High School since 2008 onwards. She converted from Hindu background (Brahmin family) so their family members left her because she accepted Jesus as Saviour.

She met an accident years ago and due to that she had a plate in her right leg. Then also she worked as a missionary in our team. Now she has to go for treatment to her right leg – as you see in picture she is in a critical condition

Please pray for healing. May God may bring back her to Bihar to continue in school ministry. She has undergone treatment in Bihar Homeopathic but is not getting cured so she went Chennai hospital for further treatment.

Please pray for her medical expenses – may God may supply all their needs. She has one sister (Rebekah) who also left home because she accepted Jesus – both are not married yet.”


Pastor Denny Moses wrote late in July asking for prayer for one of the Khagaria church members – Brother Siva, whose Mother has worked for St Xavier’s School for 15 year- who had fallen ill. Medical tests were all normal, but sadly he died several days later.
Brother Denny Moses again asks us to pray for his family as follows…

image003“The picture at right is of Bro. Siva who passed on 01-08-2015 due to illness. The picture is the last as he attended my (Denny Moses) marriage reception on 20-06-2015 [Bro Siva at left of picture]

I have no words to express and explain about Siva because he was such a good talented young man in our youth team. Whenever the Prayer Camp and Annual Convention was held he was the key singer and volunteer leader to arrange all things.

Please continually pray for their family. This is the 3rd death in their family within 8 months.

The village people and relatives are saying that “You are worshipping Jesus so our (Hindu) god is punishing your family, so stop following Jesus. If you continue following Jesus again one more death will occur in your family.”

Please pray for Siva’s family, that they may know the peace and presence of God, and that they may stand firm in their Christian faith and may continue to present a strong witness to Jesus Christ.


Pastor Paul Sunder Raj has written concerning a tragic situation concerning Pastor Denny Moses’ sister-in law. They have been praying for a miracle of healing for his sister-in-law Mrs. Saroja, who had been suffering from stomach cancer and as Pastor Denny Moses recently advised that the cancer was in the final stages he wrote: “My whole family is in tears.” Sadly, on 16 August Mrs. Saroja passed away, leaving her husband and two young daughters. Pastor Paul Sunder Raj writes…

image005“In the picture Mr. John’s (brother of Missionary Denny Moses) daughters – from right Prince and Joy Mercy – as these kids have lost their Mother.

Please uphold them in your valuable prayer. May God provide all their needs in the future. Still the kids think that Mum is in hospital because they don’t know Mother has passed way.

Mr. John is member of Advent Christian Church at Taramani and he is a taxi driver. He is also now broken after losing his wife Mrs. Saroja. Because of this incident Denny Moses and his mother are also sad.

Please kindly we need your prayer support for Mr. John and his two kids. May the Lord grant peace in his family and provide all needy things for their future studies.

Denny Moses is also now in Chennai to take care of his brother and mother. Pray for Denny Moses – may God be with him and his family to complete the further family work so that he may come back to Bihar to continue his ministry.

Once again I request you all to pray and support Mr. John and his kids for a bright future….

INDIA – BIHAR – Report for the months of May and June 2015

Pastor Denny Moses recently sent the following report on behalf of Pastor Paul Sunder Raj and the team based at Khagaria, Bihar…

“Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. We thank God for His wonders towards our ministry.
As you know our School registration [registration of the purchase of land for the school] was made on April 10 – please continually pray for construction works to begin.

Last month, May 29th, our Missionary Denny Moses’ marriage [to Briscy] was held in Advent Christian cathedral [in Chennai] He has been serving Lord in Bihar since 2007. Please continually pray for the future ministry in Bihar.image001

In our school ministry 3 new teachers cum missionaries joined – Mr. Vijay Daniel, Miss Grassy, Miss Tamil Arsi – please pray for their work and responsibilities, may God enable them success in school ministry.

In church planting work also three brothers completed one year Bible course. Bro. Lakgan, Bro. Prince, will be in full time ministry and Bro. Chandrasekar will do ministry part time.

In our school all 10th class students passed in Central Board final exams. We thank God and those people who prayed

Prayer Points:


The above pictures are of construction work at Baliya church which has been stopped due to financial needs.


The above pictures are from Bala Bazar Church, the compound wall which is incomplete.

Please pray for work to be complete, that God may provide all the financial support.

In coming days we are planning to conduct 10 hours chain prayer in branch churches.

Pas. Susil Joshua’s wife Mrs. Sima has conceived. The doctor has given July 18 as the delivery date – please pray for normal delivery.
Bro. Satruthan from Bakri Church is planning to go Bible College. Please pray.
Khagaria Church believer’s son Joseph is lost past 3 months. Please pray God may bring him home.
Br. Keshav and Miss. Rooth Kalavtthy are not well. Please pray for good health.
Sis. Asha, Saraswathi, Soni Sma, Priya have not yet had the blessing of a child. Please pray God may open their womb.
Persecution in Church. In Baliya Church Bro. Dharvendr Doss, Sis. Sita Devi, Baby Kayathiri have been beaten up by anti-Christian people but still they are following Christ.
In Bala Bazar Church Br. Murari family member passed away. Due to this reason he has to remove hair from head. It’s a custom of Hindu rituals but he has not obeyed for the Hindu rituals and is following Christ Jesus. Please pray God may strengthen him.
In Gokiri Church due to the social problem Manoj Singh, Randeer Kumar, Pankaj, Ranjith, Sis. Kajal Devi, Sabiya Devi, Hema Devi are backsliding after Baptism. Please pray God may bring them again to Church.

In our ministry to empower the ladies we started Tailoring center in 7 churches- please pray for the other places to start the same work.

Praise God:

In Beldor, church believer’s sons Moni and Raesh drank poison because of family problem. But praise still they are alive. The last son has been found in Delhi, India’s capital
Br. Susil got a child after 5 years
In Bala Bazar one believer has offered a cow and calf
Sis. Maju Devi has delivered baby after 16 years”